Food & Drink

We serve delicious hamburgers, chicken strips, chicken sandwiches and Koegel Viennas and Franks and have Koegel coney sauce to top them with.

We also serve French fries, mozzarella sticks, chips and cheese and soft pretzels.

All at reasonable prices.


We have Beer and Liqour!!

Bud, Bud light, Coors Light, Miller Lite  $2.25

Bud Light Lime & Mich Ultra  $2.50

Corona, Modelo and Hieneken  $3.25

PBR $2.oo

24oz. Seagrams  $3.50

16oz Mikes Harder Lemonade and Black Cherry  $3.50

Variety of Liqours

Barcardi, Fireball, RumChata, Captian Morgan, Vodka, Crown Royal, Schnapps, Jack Daniels, Kalhua


And of course a variety of pops, teas, Gatorade, Monster, Red Bull and water